A Suite of Marketing Services for Personal Care and Health Care Providers


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How can we help you?

EncouragerCare is a suite of services that provides easy ways to market your Personal Care or Health Care business or nonprofit.

Trends and realities

Keeping ahead of the curve today requires taking advantage of resources that have been created for more than one end user.

A branding agreement

The EncouragerCare name is available via licensing agreement by geographic service regions. The name is licensed to users

Learn more and apply

The value of EncouragerCare is a name that is distinctive, positive, memorable and protectable by law; overall branding



Is your Bluebird the Twitter bird?

No! The EncouragerCare Bluebird is his own person. The Bluebird of Happiness has been a symbol for thousands of years. In American music there are numerous references to the Bluebird of Happiness. Our Bluebird is not part of our logo, but is a mascot. He helps to explain our mission without saying a word.

Who owns and operates EncouragerCare Services?

We are DAY Communications LLC, a marketing business that has provided advertising and website services for small businesses and nonprofits since the 1980s. Our goal with this online venture is to be supportive of small business people who have a desire for professional marketing assistance but can manage their business otherwise. Please visit the DAY Communications website for more information.

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